Sample Exercise 1: Wordiness

Activities are an important element of Essay-Zone. Without the opportunity to put new knowledge into practice, students may have difficulty retaining the information. The following activity provides a means for students to practice identifying and eliminating wordy phrases that detract from academic writing.

While assessment is a necessary part of Essay-Zone, the activities built into the tool are for the students to test their skills independent of the instructor. Official assessment takes place through the pre-quiz and post-quiz.

Instructions: Read each sentence and decide which words aren't necessary to the sentence.

1. As a matter of fact, students love editing sentences.

Revised: Students love editing sentences.

2. After they were finished writing their essays, the students removed unnecessary words and phrases.

Revised: After writing their essays, student removed unnecessary words and phrases.

3. Many web site creators choose to simply fill web sites with advertisements.

Revised: Many web site creators fill sites with advertisements.