Which platform is used for the tutorials?  

Our tutorials are embedded directly within our website. You do not need a specialized platform to access the tutorials and can add our website link to your existing institutional LMS platform. 

Are the tutorials accessible?  

We know how important it is to have resources that all students can access. Our tutorials were created to improve accessibility of our academic services and uphold our provincial accessibility requirements. Our tutorials meet current Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG 2) and are developed using html5.  

How are the tutorials interactive?  

Interactivity is an important component for engaged online learning. Our tutorials are not static. Instead, they are designed to engage and involve students with the learning process. To do so, we have integrated interactive activities throughout each tutorial that allow students to deepen and apply their learning. Students will find formative assessments, clarifying feedback, and opportunities for concept application throughout the tutorials.  

How are instructors using these tutorials in their courses?  

Students can work through tutorials during class or before class. With a flipped classroom approach, instructors can debrief and provide context for the skills targeted in the tutorials. This approach also works well for writing support services. Students can work through the tutorial before working with a writing coach to help identify areas of focus and increase knowledge of related terminology. The quizzes allow instructors to reward participation and assess understanding of tutorial content. Instructors can download the quizzes in a variety of formats to use in their existing systems.   

Is there a maximum number of users who can use the password?  

No, there is no maximum number of users per password. The one-password approach is simple to implement and avoids privacy concerns.  

If we renew access will the password change?  

Let us know whether you would like to keep the same password when purchasing. Keeping the same password can avoid having to reconnect with students, especially for writing centres.  

Can students’ access and usage of the tutorials be tracked?  

To avoid collecting personal student information, we have implemented a one-password approach. As such, student access and usage are not tracked. The quizzes are provided as a means to increase student accountability, reward participation, and incentivize engagement. Quizzes can be administered at instructors’ discretion; however, we recommend pre-and post-quizzing. Scoring low on a pre-quiz lets students know that they have something to learn. Comparing pre- and post- scores can demonstrate learning.   

Do students complete quizzes from the website?  

No, to avoid the collection of personal student information, students do not complete the quizzes online. Upon purchase, you will receive two passwords: one for students to access the purchased tutorials and a second for instructors to access the tutorials and downloadable quizzes.  

Can we request modifications?  

We welcome feedback and recommendations to help us improve our Academic Zone resources. Note that our low pricing is based on access only and does not include customization of tutorials for specific courses or institutions.