Academic Zone offers five interactive tutorials designed to support student academic success. Each tutorial offers examples, scenarios, and strategies to help students better understand academic expectations and develop their essential academic skills.

Academic Integrity

At Academic Zone, we consider academic integrity to be the central pillar of education. This tutorial helps students understand the significance of academic integrity...

Essay Writing

Written assignments can take different forms. This tutorial helps students build and refine their essay writing skills...

Grammar & Punctuation

Lab Reports

This tutorial extends beyond identifying awkward sentences or sentence structure errors like run-on sentences.

This tutorial was developed to help students improve their written lab reports. It covers the various components of a well written science lab from start to finish...

Time Management

“There just never seems to be enough time” is a phrase we often hear students saying. Find more time in your day through Time Management...


coming soon...




Engaging tutorials to engage post-secondary students at any level. 

Student Paced

Students set the pace and return for support as needed.

Course Friendly

Simple access, comprehensive, and concise. Smart course support.   

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